Friday, July 4, 2008

Patriotism in the Midst of Vandalism

So, off we went today to put the morning discovery behind us and the day turned out really nice. We got several pots from our neighbor to house my evicted flowers in temporarily and visited with them for a bit. Then a quick stop by Subway for lunch ended with us getting a huge container of cookies for FREE! It was free cookie day and they had anticipated a crowd, making over 100 cookies! Well, turned out we were their 5th and 6th customers of the day by 12:30 and they said help yourselves to cookies! So, we took like four each. We were sitting in the car and one of the sweet girls ran out and offered us a partial tray! Well, sure we'd take them! YUM!

Then on to the Stewart's Flea Market where we met Walter the horse. We actually ended up in the wrong parking lot and building as we didn't know that there was a horse and pig show going on in the usual building! So, there was Walter next to our car. I got to feed him a peppermint and then off we went to South Wing C! Show was okay, nothing to write home about, but I got a neat Playdoh Farm Factory toy, mint in box, from 1962 and some things for Etsy! Tim found a Life magazine he had been looking for. He also got to count the walking around as his physical therapy for the day as he is supposed to be walking so many blocks a day now!

We then went by the Concrete Lady and purchased two new planters for the porch and a neighbor was nice enough to come over and carry them up to the porch for us! Tim still can't lift over 8lbs and I knew I couldn't lift them at all!

Then it was on to mom's where my uncle grilled steaks for us and we enjoyed a yummy dinner complete with two cakes and lots and lots of cookies! We played our patriotic cd's during dinner which was nice and everyone enjoyed them. Then we donned our patriotic headbands and sparklers and took some pictures until Tim needed to go inside and rest before heading home! Long day!

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