Monday, July 14, 2008

The Goods!

Today was spent sorting through all the goodies Mom and I found on our antiquing trip! Pictured are scrapbooking things and vintage goods for my collections along with three more of my all time favorite shirts! I believe they are called conversation tees. I found them at Cracker Barrel! One Cracker Barrel had the Christmas/Winter themed one for 70% off at their porch sale and the Patriotic one was also on sale! Not one vintage hat in the whole pile! Mom claimed all of them although I finally decided to treat myself to one at Heart of Ohio that was reasonable. However, it got off to the side somehow and I was busy running around taking some last minute pictures while Mom checked us out and unfortunately it didn't make it home with me!

I also found lots of new vintage goodness for my etsy shop but didn't take any sneak peek pictures yet! Mom helped me all day salvage wonderful prints and illustrations from some very old books! Thanks Mom! I am SO tired from having gone full force all day long but it's paid off as the front parlor is finally looking better and ready for Tim's birthday on Wednesday! The library and basement also have come along way! I emptied out four shelves in a cabinet in our front hall and have made that an etsy area! All my vintage books are organized and so that I can now see them! And best of all, I don't have to lift box off of box to find something and that is back saving! I've also labeled shoe boxes Ephemera, Playing Cards, Game Pieces and Misc to stash in there! Loving my new organization!

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Elizabeth said...

Great finds! I'm off to check out your etsy shop!