Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is Funny

Click on the picture of the text if it's too small to read. These old books from the 1950s are a hoot! "On Saturdays when you spend much time on housework..." My how times have changed!


New Alb Annie said...

Good Lord! I don't think my bedroom slippers harmonize with my lounging clothes! What will the neighbors think?!

obsessed scrapbooker said...

I won't tell anyone! I guess my worn tennis shoes I wear with my pjs around the house aren't gonna cut it either!

The Tattered Rose said...

I have one of these books, too! which also included a chapter about s-e-x without actually saying the word. Now that was hilarious. Sort of like keep your eyes closed tight and think of something more pleasant. My, how things have changed in so many ways.