Friday, July 4, 2008

Unhappy Fourth of July

Last night Tim and I sat in our upstairs bathroom and watched the downtown fireworks from our window as we've done in the past. I put in a patriotic music cd and we enjoyed our little unexpected celebration.

I intended to come downstairs this morning and take a picture of a vintage Uncle Sam paper doll set for the blog. Instead, however, I am posting pictures of what I found on our front porch when I looked out the window. Vandalism. Ugly, ugly, mean vandalism. Two of our concrete planters knocked to the concrete porch floor and broken into many pieces, my geraniums, spikes and flags laying there amongst the mess. So, now we have to buy three new planters, potting soil, paint and I'll have to paint them, let them dry, borrow some temporary containers from my neighbor in an attempt to salvage my plants, and then replant. And who is going to lift all this, especially the new planters? Moi.

Not to mention the clean up of the porch. This is now the third issue we've had with our front porch, which is on a busy street and well lit at night! Two thefts and now blantant vandalism.

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