Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yum! I Ate Out For The First Time In 17 Days

Unless you count a baked potato from the drive thru at Wendy's last Saturday, and we ate that in the car with my low fat butter and 2% shredded cheddar cheese.

So, for days I'd been looking forward to going to Texas Roadhouse for a steak and potato over the weekend. In fact, we were so ambitious that we were planning to go to a movie one night and dinner the other!

Well, here's how it all played out. We had ice come in on Thurs so I spent 20 min unearthing the windows to my car when I left work Thurs at 4:00 (still couldn't make it a whole day). That was super fun as I tried not to fall on the icy sidewalk AND had to stretch and reach and push the ice scraper along. Not good on the healing insides. Got home, went straight to bed as I was hurting after all that!

Friday morning- ice hasn't melted much by 7:15 am when I checked. I had a follow up appt with my surgeon Fri at 10:00 so went ahead and got ready hoping the ice would melt more come 9:30. It was better and I got the trusty snow shovel out and pushed slushy ice off our steps and sidewalk so I could get to my car safely. Then more ice scraping on the car. This time we were smart though, and Tim put the windshield cover on it the night before so that was one less icy window! Went in to rest before the drive to the surgeon's.

The bumpy roads still jar my insides but good which feels really weird! I hope that goes away soon! Got a good report from the surgeon. She pulled off my loose surgi strips and said "beautiful" (re: my healing incisions). Said it would be up to 6-8 weeks before my food issues were better resolved. Especially this full feeling after taking 5 bites of something!

Okay, so then comes the evening and I had had a horrible food day starting with the one graham cracker I ate for breakfast. Nothing sat well and I realized that Fri night was not going to be a Texas Roadhouse night! I ate a sad baked potato and watched Honeymoon in Vegas with Tim.

Saturday arrives and we were planning to go see Vantage Point and get me out of the house. About 20 minutes before we were planning to leave I realized that there was no way I could sit for almost two hours! I had been sitting all morning scrapbooking and my abdominal area was hurting! So, instead we did a little shopping getting some super bargains at Walgreens (Valentine's candy 75% off), checking out Hobby Lobby (no new stuff in sight) and hitting the Goodwill (Tim found a great coffee table book on artist's interpretations of space stuff for $3). I was whipped by then and we headed home.

Dinner time arrives. At 5:25 pm, I call Texas Roadhouse to do call ahead seating. Informed that it will be an 85 minute wait! WAH! There goes that idea! I couldn't wait till 7/7:30! So, pouted a bit and called Logan's where I hadn't eaten in literally 10 ys since discovering Texas Roadhouse. 15-20 min wait there and they also did call ahead. We decided to go there and it was pretty darn good. Bummer was that after 5 bites of salad and half of a half of a yeast roll I was full. Or at least I felt full! I managed to eat half the 6 oz sirloin with lots of breaks in between but I have another whole meal to eat today from my leftovers!

On a side note, we rented some movies after dinner and came home and watched The Bridges of Madison County which was awesome and a tearjerker to boot!

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