Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Update

Well, a little side trip to the ER Sunday morning after experiencing pain and cramping in my legs most of Saturday and all of Saturday night (which yielded 3 hrs of sleep) brought the verdict of superficial (surface) blood clots in both legs!  (and I've walked and walked daily) Fortunately, these are not the deep ones that can go to your lungs but they did have to be addressed and were the cause of my pain. So my upswing on Saturday went down a little yesterday but today is better!  I finally got several hours of sleep last night and that helped tremendously.  I think I'm a little dazed, glassy eyed and out of it today from four days of pain medication but I wasn't planning on running any marathons today anyway!

I told Tim that the ER doctor said my incisions (all FOUR of them) looked good and he burst out laughing as he informed me that I looked like I was a victim of a knife fight and he'd hate to see the other guy if I looked good.  Darn him, he made me bust out laughing and boy does THAT hurt!

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