Monday, February 25, 2008

Valentine's Day, February 17, 2008

As you know, we had to celebrate this one a few days late as I had a rotten day complete with a second trip to the ER for leg pain on the actual holiday and my Valentine was sick anyway! So, a week ago Sunday we finally opened our gifts and cards. I had made Tim an album of our Bedrock City adventure and I got him the Pirates of the Caribbean #3 DVD. I gave him a Bad Cats desk calendar too which has become one of my bargain traditions! I always go at the end of January to the calendar kiosk at the mall when all items remaining are just $4! Can't beat that and he can still rip for the rest of the year! He found me the most awesome little toy candy soda fountain still in the original box along with a box of unopened refills from 1950 (on ebay of course)! Guess we won't actually eat any of the candy but it sure looks cute in my vintage candy collection! He also found three older travel brochures for my newest collection (vintage travel brochures!), one of which he had actually taken the pictures for back in his Ashland, KY days. Tim had given me my favorite peppermint carnations and Smidgens from Schimpff's a few days earlier so I had already been enjoying those!

Garden Kitty doesn't like to miss a party so she arrived on the table in time to check everything out and pose for pictures. I think she was rather surprised at what that actually involved this time though!

Hopefully next year we can move Valentine's Day back to the correct date!


New Alb Annie said...

Garden Kitty looks divine, and you guys look pretty good, too!

The Tattered Rose said...

Love the great candy container. I love these old candy containers! No wonder you had 2 of the brach's heart boxes- I didn't know you were a collector.