Friday, February 1, 2008

D-Day is Scheduled

Or should I say, G-Day?

It's official, the ol' gallbladder is going to be history as of February 21st. I met with a surgeon today; just so happens that she performs the most gallbladder surgeries in the entire Louisville area and she practices over in my neck of the woods. I'm going to a smaller hospital and that makes me feel better, so much less intimidating and just a stone's throw down the road.

Still won't be fun. It's outpatient surgery these days which I suppose is good, as I have never stayed in a hospital before! A little scary though to be sent right home for something they used to keep you in for a day or two!

Dad's coming over for this unexpected situation especially since his little girl has NEVER had anything taken out of her except for wisdom teeth 20 years ago.

Right now, I think the thing I am most fearful of is the Percocet they plan to send home with me. Me + pain medicines = disaster always. The surgeon said most people need it but some can get through it on Tylenol. Me + Tylenol = does absolutely nothing for me.


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