Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sad Little Patient

Well, I've finally started venturing downstairs for a bit and could look at the pictures we took at the hospital on the day of the surgery. Hard to believe it's been a week! I have to say, I look pretty darn sad to be there and who wouldn't be? I think this other picture is pretty funny, the anesthesiologist had just given me a sedative and I look like I'm heading off to la la land don't I?
I've described the abdominal pain to be like a truck ran over my midsection! I guess now it's down to a car! It's better but lots of sharpness, tugging and pulling where the gallbladder itself was. Back pain comes and goes too. And my darn legs have almost been worse the past few days than the abdominal area!
Another trip to the ER today and fortunately again no dangerous blood clots. Just the same ones from Sunday and confirmation that they can take up to two months to go away! Yesterday they were better and then last night hit and man! I could not get my right leg comfy no matter how hard I tried and no matter what I did or took! So, I called my internist's office this morning and spoke with the nurse expecting her to say that was normal and to be expected but she said they should be a lot better by now and I should go there and have them looked at and treated if need be. So, off we went. The ER doctor said I could have some dehydration too which would be a contributing factor to the intense cramping. Decreased activity doesn't help either.
But the rest of the day wasn't too bad once I got home and rested.
So much for Valentine's Day. With Tim having coughing fits we sent him back to Mom's house and decided to celebrate on a better day. So, something to look forward to I guess!

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