Saturday, February 9, 2008

Surgery Update

Well, I'm back minus the gallbladder!  The surgery went well, the hospital, staff and surgeon were great.  Only one grumpy nurse who took my vitals and looked at ME as if I were crazy when I suggested that she had to be kidding when she put the white support hose on me!  The one in recovery was a little abrupt too when I awoke and informed her that my stomach hurt. ?Her repeated answers were, "Well, honey, you just had your gallbladder taken out, you just had surgery."  No kiddin'?

It's been a looong couple of days and nights.  Lots of pain, soreness, lack of sleep, you name it, I've had it!

Finally got some sleep last night for more than the four hours I had Thurs night, after the Benadryl finally kicked in.

So, here's to today being the start of the upswing and at least I can finally shower and wash my hair again!

Thanks to all who've called and emailed and the beautiful flowers too!

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