Friday, October 17, 2008

Was This Really Just A Week Ago?

So, this time last week I had already driven to the Cincinnati airport and back to retrieve my godsister. Never mind it was the wrong airport on the wrong day from the original plan! Gotta love the airlines! She was supposed to fly from Newport News, VA to Louisville, KY last Thurs night. She was delayed two hours and they assured her that she would miss her connection in Atlanta which was also the last flight out to L'ville that night. However, they could not assure her that they could get her a hotel room in Atlanta. So they rebooked her out of Richmond (an hour taxi ride at $110-Delta ate that) the next morning. All was going well. She called and said she was in Richmond and the flight was on time. About a half an hour later she called back and said there was a 2 hr delay again! It eventually turned into a 6 hour delay! She would again miss her connection through Cincy this time. They finally rebooked her on a later flight. Meanwhile, I got in the car and headed to Cincy to just meet her there as they still couldn't guarantee that she could get to L'ville because she would be standby!

So, while my poor godsister was dealing with this again for the second time, to include multiple flight changes, starvation, mechanical delays and scares, aggravation, etc, I had a lovely drive to Florence, KY, hit a scrapbook store, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, an antique mall and had a lovely lunch at a yummy Mexican restaurant!

She finally ended up on the original flight/plane that had been delayed 6 hrs and at 6:28 she arrived in Cincy. Back home we went.

After the initial drama of getting her here we had a blast! Went down to Harvest Homecoming for lunch Sat and Sun. Went to Dees and Archivers Sat and stayed at Archivers for their Scrap Mania. Scrapped a bunch at my house too and hit Hobby Lobby, had a yummy lunch at the Cheddar Box, enjoyed the fun Halloween decorations up and down my street and just enjoyed being together! It of course went by way too fast and we only hoped and prayed that she wouldn't have as much trouble getting home as she did coming out! Well, the plane was at the gate at both airports and she breezed in with no problems!

So, it's hard to believe that one week ago we were sitting in my den with four days ahead of us and now it seems like months ago!

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