Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Husband Said I Could Have An Encyclopedia For Dinner

Of course there's a story behind this! Tim took the week off still trying to use up all his vacation time before the end of the year (what a problem to have!) and so I managed to free up the day so we could spend it together. We got a bit of a late start so decided not to go to the Coca Cola Museum in Etown which sounded good early on! Instead, we ate at Kaelin's (birthplace of the cheeseburger in 1934) which I had always wanted to go to! It was very good and I loved their old neon sign! Ended up interviewing the manager for a future article for Vintage Indie!

After lunch we went thrifting! I found two sets of old encylopedias for a whopping $3.83 each set! How could one pass that by? Well, this one couldn't. Tim came wandering down the aisle as I was loading the cart full! He's such a good sport although he knew it meant more lugging to the basement later. Of course, someday I will go through them and make up ephemera packs for my etsy shop but until then, they will join the many other encyclopedias that have been accumulating!

Hit several thrift stores and two little antique shops on Bardstown Rd. One had books on sale and I found some treasures there!

On the way home, I asked Tim what he was going to fix me for supper (he doesn't cook) and he said I had to eat (at this point I interrupted him and said something in the freezer, our standing joke) and he said no, encylopedias!!!!! So, I said which volume and he responded, F for Food.

Ha ha ha.

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