Monday, October 6, 2008

Anniversary Trip Part VI

So, back to the trip. We had many stops at antique shops and malls planned along the route home Friday. First stop was supposed to be in Gilbertsville but that map reading problem kicked in and we missed the exit. We decided not to turn around and go back and headed on towards Eddyville instead. There we found a nice little mall called the Red Door Antique Mall. The owners were on their way to Round Top in TX and had taken a lot with them but the mall was still packed full and they had a lot of sales! Found a couple of things there including a popcorn box I actually didn't have for my popcorn box collection!

It was there that the lady told us we really had to go back to Gilbertsville and visit the big antique mall there. So instead of going out of way initially 3 or 4 miles we went back about 15. It was a nice mall and a little dog was at the counter waiting to greet us as we entered. So funny! But we searched and searched and found nothing! Well, Tim found one thing but I found nothing so that was very disappointing after driving all the way back there!

They did recommend a wonderful little deli/cafe for lunch a few miles down the road and we loved it! Had the best cheeseburgers made from fresh ground beef and yummy chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

Then we hit the road and went back the way we came! We found a little candy store called Candy Land along the way. Circa 1960s. The owner was quite strange and wouldn't let me do an article about his business and was real suspicious of us. I loved the old signage out front and took a picture before going in, much to his dismay apparently. Geez. Anyway, got mom some divinity and went on our merry way.

We made one final stop, driving out of the way a bit again into a little town called Perryville I think it was to check out an antique mall there and a couple of shops. What a waste of time. Got there and the mall was closed. Hours said they should have been there. No sign on the door explaining why or anything. We went to the little store next door and the poor lady there said she'd been hearing about it all day! She was nice though and had a pretty little shop.

So after that experience we had had it with Western KY antiquing! We just headed home which was still about 2 1/2 hrs away. It seemed to take forever to get home and it was almost dark when we arrived back. Our kitties were quite happy to see us and poor Tim had to unload the entire car as we were going to the Antique Advertising Show in Indy the next morning!

All in all the trip was not one of our favorites. Well, in fact, it was our least favorite! We've never really had a bad trip! And, I have to stop and think about the wonderful playsets and books we found and take that into account. But the other things, well, not the best overall! We were really ready for a nice, relaxing vacation after we got back from our vacation!

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