Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Anniversary Trip Part IV

I had originally tried to book us at the Hampton Inn so that we would get Hilton Honors points but they were full so the next best thing is always a Country Inn and Suites. Or so I thought. Apparently not in Paducah, KY however. We arrived well after 9pm, tired and weary and it took 5 attempts to find one decent room at this hotel. It was pretty ridiculous but thank goodness for a super kind and patient front desk lady.

The first room smelled like smoke and it was supposedly nonsmoking. The second one just smelled period. They were also facing this super bright light in the parking lot! The third room we couldn't get into and it even had a stove by now being upgraded to a King Suite but the battery was dying on the electronic key lock thing! The fourth was okay but freezing and right behind the pool. Finally we settled on the fifth room which was by the pool too but not freezing and there just weren't many options left! Now we were getting a King Suite with our own private Jacuzzi whether we wanted it or not! I didn't really want to pay more for it but she was giving us a really great rate so we went with it. We stumbled into the room and collapsed.

The next day we drove over the state line to Metropolis, IL and posed for pictures in front of the giant Superman statue. We chatted a long time with a lady driving from WA to GA who takes pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head at odd tourist spots! Then we toured the Superman Museum which was kind of neat as we both were fans as kids of the tv show with George Reeves. There was some great memorabilia, original costumes, props, etc. By then, I was starving and still not feeling too great with the right side pain still going on so we didn't visit the Hollywood museum down the road but we did see the big Kryptonite rock and you just can't miss that if in town!

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