Friday, October 3, 2008

Anniversary Trip Part V

So continuing on....we headed back to Paducah and went to their downtown area. There was a bbq festival going on so we had to park pretty far away. We ate lunch at a really yummy pizza place called Italian Village Pizza. The guy was so friendly at the counter that he forgot to charge us and was sending us on our way when we reminded him that we had never paid! Honesty is always the best policy!

There were several old signs downtown that I took pictures of for my Old Sign Scrapbook. We just had to peek inside the Paducah Beauty School and one of the teachers popped over to the door and welcomed us inside for a quick tour. It was so vintage! You could actually get your hair cut and styled by a student and they had a classroom in the back. Reminded me of the salon we used to go to back in the 70s at Hidenwood Shopping Center in Newport News, VA! We wandered around to the various antique shops which were okay. One was really nice, The Victorian Parlour. Owned by a sweet Swiss gal transplanted from FL who had the most wonderful selection of vintage hats, purses, jewelry, etc. I picked up a few floral hats for mom's collection (which she loved) and interviewed the owner for Vintage Indie!

After closing down the downtown we headed to a Goodwill and then a Peddler's Mall. Found some neat stuff at both! We ate dinner at a Mexican Restaurant near our hotel and then went back to our room intending to relax in our big whirlpool jacuzzi.

WELL, upon our arrival, we discovered that our room had never been cleaned and we had no clean towels at all. The sweet desk lady from the night before was there again and brought us a phone as I had told her our cheat buttons (front desk, etc) didn't work. I had tried to call the night before to find out what time they stopped serving breakfast. So, I asked her if they didn't clean rooms every day or what. She went to look into it. Apparently, the housekeeper had seen our Do Not Disturb sign when we went to breakfast and never checked back. We had removed it when we left around 10! She probably got in big trouble. So, now armed with another phone and plenty of towels (and washcloths!), Tim went to work on the Jacuzzi.

First, he had to fill it with cold water to sorta clean it since there had been the dead fly and all in there. Then he tried the jets. Which then showered the room, our luggage, the carpet, our shoes and my legs with water. He marched down to the front desk to discuss this situation as one of the jets or returns or something appeared to be broken! She said she would leave a note for the morning girl. Bummer. No jacuzzi! And the pool didn't have a hot tub. However, this setback along with the uncleaned room, broken phone, 5 room attempts, oh and this was the icing on the cake: We got back from breakfast Fri morning and I put the electronic key in the door and when it opened the safety lock up top kicked in and we couldn't get into our room! We were pushing and shoving and maintenance saw us and went to get a screwdriver. Now, I'm not sure whether I'm glad he could break into our room with just a screwdriver or not. But, regardless, we finally got in and they didn't have to break a window! all got me a meeting with the manager who took our room down to $35 for the previous night. This was the room that normally was $130 something. They had already adjusted it to the great rate of $85 when we checked in and then adjusted it to $70 after the mess Thurs night but the manager decided to go one better cutting that in half. She was very nice and we appreciated her doing this. So, we got the room for the Motel 6 rate I guess and all the inconveniences we could have done without! I've never had such problems in hotels before!

And then we packed up and left and headed towards home!

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