Monday, September 15, 2008

Mom's Mess and the Town Is Running Out Of Gas

Here is mom's downed weeping willow tree. Uprooted and laying on her porch roof. It wasn't a pretty sight at all. So sad to see. It was such a pretty tree. It now almost looks like her own personal jungle out there. The wind also picked up one of her wooden rocking chairs and threw it out in the yard but fortunately it didn't break. Two glass table tops broke and some artificial flowers were knocked over and out of their container. The other rocking chair was toppled over and she has quite a few shingles off the roof. There were four other houses with roof damage that I saw nearby.

There's a run on gas too. I went to join the fill up crowd and there was no gas to be had at Kroger. I went to another station and waited in line. Earlier in the afternoon Meijer had a line and when I was leaving there after grocery shopping, they had closed down due to running out of gas (apparently they can't spell either). Tim went and filled up his PT Cruiser and a gas can and had to buy premium....supposedly they were out of the others. There's not a gallon of water to be had. There are still 24 packs available but almost everyone had multiples in their carts.

Lots of chain saws were whirring today, clean up crews everywhere, stoplights still out in most of Jeffersonville (which I had to drive through to get Junior), I saw an accident at one intersection there while waiting my turn and many people still without power.

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