Thursday, September 4, 2008

Garden Kitty Meet Junior

Monday was the day that Garden Kitty and Junior got to meet face to face. He was all set to play with the other kitty that lives in the house but she was having none of that! There was a bit of hissing and growling on her furry princess' part but Junior was great! He was really trying to make friends with her and laid down near her and tried to engage her in play several times.

Tuesday they did touch nose to nose several times but it always ended with GK hissing at Junior and marching off. We aren't too impressed with her behavior, cat-like or not it's not been too welcoming. Tuesday night she spent most of the night on my pillow right above my head so as not to have a run in with the new, buff colored spunky kitty. Nice, huh?

Today, however, when he was whisked off to the vet's for front declawing, she apparently searched the house over pretty well looking for him (according to Tim). He'll be back Sat and recovering from his surgery so he probably won't be up to playing for awhile.

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