Friday, September 12, 2008

Long Time, No Blog

And this is why....65 sales in the last week in my estsy shop for one thing! Yay! Business has been booming which is a good thing but it's been keeping me hopping! I've increased my listing which I think has had something to do with it plus several repeat customers that are wonderful to work with! So, I'm listing, filling orders, packing, going to the post office, etc in any spare time I can find!

Additionally, Junior has not been healing as well as expected from his declawing last Thursday. After the trip to the ER, I've slept in the guest room with him every night and we've checked on him and spent time with him as much as possible. He has been really good but he was starting to get more active I guess. Anyway, he was bleeding a little bit last night from his one paw and then again this morning from the other paw after using the litter box (which I had to change three times in a row this morning all before 6:30 am! Two calls to the vet, a cancelled trip to visit my aunt and uncle today, the purchase of a big dog crate and smaller litter box, only to have him tear up more incisions and end up back at the vet this afternoon! They checked him out and we decided he should stay the weekend there where he could rest and would be less active and agitated. Poor guy!

I'm also trying to squeeze in a bit of much needed housecleaning and start preparing for an upcoming trip that I hope we get to take! Throw work in there, an article for Vintage Indie that will appear soon, MSPA meetings, etc, etc....all leads to no blogging!

Hopefully, I can report back soon that Junior is on his way to recovery for good!

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