Monday, September 29, 2008

Anniversary Trip Part II

So continuing on....we arrived at Opryland and did the usual resort check in stuff such as flagging down the bellhop and having him lug our mound of luggage. Now, that was nice.

But here's the first clue that we were in for lots of little problems and issues the whole trip....when I booked us for two nights I was told that they didn't have any king beds in the traditional rooms but to ask when we checked in as they would put a request in the reservation. So I checked. None. And none in the Premium rooms either. I was bummed. The best they could do was offer us an upgrade to a King Suite for the Premium room rate. I asked if that really was the best they could do. The girl went and asked and came back with both nights for the same price (Tues was going to be more because of occupancy....they sure can get you) and a voucher for two free breakfast buffets. I was okay with that. Plus the girl who booked me in the morning gave us complimentary parking which saved us $36. Gotta love that. Why they are charging $18 a day to begin with for a concrete space behind the hotel is beyond me but apparently they are.

I just have to stop and say right now that the Opryland Resort is highly overrated. It really is. Sure it's pretty, they have little cute shops and several restaurants and waterfalls but our fancy King Suite was pretty plain. The AZ resorts were nicer. Maybe I was just missing the cactus and palm trees....

Okay, here's what got us $50 more off our room upon check out. The telephone didn't work. So Tim had to trot 5 floors down to request a blanket and 2 more pillows. We had no ice bucket. So, Tim had to fill up two little glasses with some ice. We had one coffee mug but fortunately we aren't coffee drinkers. But if we had been....And finally we had one washcloth. Which I discovered as I was getting ready to take a shower the next morning. So, no washcloth for me, just a bar of fancy soap.

So, with customer satisfaction and all they promptly adjusted our bill after I discussed these issues with them. You would think a nice resort like that would not make mistakes such as those!

And then there was Franklin, TN. Our day trip on Tuesday. Unless you are big into chipped painted furniture and rusty metal don't go there. Sure, there are several antiques shops and malls but again, the whole chipped painted furniture/rusty metal thing....there was a bird in one mall that trotted around the counter. He even climbed up on my arm and Tim's back. That was different.

Oh, and there was still no gas in Nashville or around Nashville. I had heard as much from a friend who had gone down the week prior. But I thought they had surely solved that problem. Well, they hadn't. We were prepared though and had filled up in Franklin, KY but Tim was worried all morning about getting more gas. Every station we passed was closed or had bags over the pumps. It was eerie. We finally stumbled upon a Swifty with not much of a line and filled up. It only took 4 gallons but it was still $18! We hit a Goodwill, got ice cream at Baskin Robbins and went to antique shop after antique shop hoping the next one would be better!

Upon our return to Nashville, we attempted to find the Goodwill Outlet Store. I had heard so much about these from a friend in CA (hi Chrys!!!) and just had to experience one for myself! Well, we drove in circles forever and finally went to an old Fort that Tim wanted to visit. I was okay with that and sat outside in a chair and talked on my cell phone and read a Nicholas Sparks novel. Tim looked at rocks for an hour and a half. He had fun. Then we were starving having only eaten ice cream and our big breakfast all day! The lady at the Fort recommended a little soda fountain near Vanderbilt University so off we went with specific directions in hand!

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