Friday, May 2, 2008

What It Takes To Get Decorated Sugar Cookies

You know Tim must be feeling pretty pathetic to get semi-homemade sugar cookies out of me! Since he fell Monday, he's been stuck upstairs in bed most of the day and night except to get up and move around the best he can on crutches so he doesn't get a blood clot! So, I ran to the grocery for much needed groceries while Mom was here with him the other day and bought the Pillsbury sugar cookies he loves so much at Christmas and made my homemade icing and decorated them up all pretty for him.

He was pretty surprised and delighted!

I've doled them out so they've lasted longer than if I had just turned over the little container to the Cookie Monster!

We went to his primary care doctor today for follow up from the ER visit and she is ordering an MRI of his left hip and lower back. This will determine if there is any torn or ruptured ligaments or tendons. She said the bruise to the bone is equivalent to a sprain and takes six weeks to heal. They will most likely order physical therapy if no tear, if a tear, he will be referred to an orthopedic doctor for treatment.


Next appt. is the 14th after the MRIs and 1-2 weeks of staying off of it.

Now, what do they order for worn out wives who are completely exhausted and everything that can hurt on them does?

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