Tuesday, May 13, 2008

There's a Drill in My Near Future

Well, in the middle of everything else going on, I have had a toothache since Sunday. I finally decided to investigate further and with a little pulling and stretching I can see a spot on my very back upper molar and it looks suspiciously like a cavity! After three days of pain, I called my dentist figuring it was around the time I needed to go for a cleaning anyway and they could see what was going on with my tooth. Come to find out that I have somehow completely forgotten to even go to the dentist for 2 1/2 years!!!!!! The last visit they show for me was 12/13/05! Appalling! I ALWAYS have gone for my cleanings although I will confess that in order to save some money, I just went once a year instead of twice. But being that they never found anything anymore I figured I was coming out ahead.

Well, I think I've got big time problems and today I noticed two spots on two lower teeth too.


So, Thursday morning I will be dashing over to Louisville to the dentist which probably will involve lots of drilling and mouth stretching and pain and then the severe headache I get from my mouth being artificially stretched open for an hour plus; all before I come back home to get Tim for his appointment with the Orthopedic doctor back in Louisville in the afternoon!

Calgon take me away!

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FrostingsNSparkles said...

Sorry about the dentist visit :( Aleve works great on toothaches, I hope it's quick and painless for you, Elizabeth. Happy Belated Birthday!!