Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tim Update

Well, we ended up going to the Orthopedic doctor today, however, a different one entirely from the one we were to see tomorrow! We got to Tim's f/u appointment this morning with his primary care doctor and found out while there that the Ortho didn't fall under the Workman's Comp network. They managed to get Tim into a different practice this afternoon so we changed his other MRIs originally scheduled for this afternoon to tomorrow instead. So, with a quick detour back home to pick up xray, cat scan and MRI films (why, oh, why didn't I go ahead and put them in the car instead of by the door to take out tomorrow?!) we headed across town to the other dr.

End result: No surgery required which is great news! However, he's looking at a total healing time of 8 weeks so 6 more to go! No weight bearing on it for at least another month until he has another f/u and more xrays to check the progress. The doctor also indicated that he's hopeful that arthritis won't set in down the road because it's a small fracture. That is also good news!

We then went on to Floyd Memorial Hospital for Tim to have another chest xray as his ribs were still hurting and his doctor this morning felt they should be checked again.

Tim was pretty worn out and hurting from the long day so he came home and immediately fell asleep.

Okay, so 6 more weeks at least of our new routine! Tim lays in bed reading, watching movies and cutting up old children's encyclopedias for me to sell on Etsy. I do everything else and work. WAH! Oh, and our $900 worth of airline tickets to VA for Father's Day are history. The nurse suggested I call the airline and see if his medical condition would allow a no change fee but I have my doubts with no insurance on them. So, in the long run we can pay the change fee of $75 or $100 each and apply them to future travel. WAH! That hurts! Plus we were looking forward to our 7 and 10 day respective trip!

Accidents happen!


The Tattered Rose said...

Elizabeth! I don't read your blog for a few days and I see I missed a lot of news - good and bad! Happy belated b-day! How nice to receive things from a vintage wish list. Tim is lucky to have ya! You both hang in there. Hugs, Trish G.
p.s. Is that another swap I see posted on the right?

obsessed scrapbooker said...

The vintage ephemera swap? I just got my box today! My original partner never responded so the host traded w/me and she made me a beautiful SCRAP box and filled it with yummy stuff! We're hanging!