Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tim Update...Not Good News and Meet Bruiser

Well, Tim got the call from the doctor today with the report from yesterday's MRI of his hip. Verdict: He has a small fracture after all! At the hip socket/bone. So, they are referring him to an Orthopaedic doctor and we have an appointment next Thursday afternoon. For now, he is under doctor's orders to stay off of it, use the crutches always and put no weight on it.

So, we are moving the birthday/Mother's Day dinner and party upstairs so my husband can attend. Dad's grilling his famous london broil and I figure with 5 people that can walk, we can get the food upstairs and use tv trays so Tim's not eating up in bed all by himself! We'll also unwrap presents up there and have cake. Hey, that's what a 6 foot scrapbook table is for right?

They didn't let him do the lower back MRI yesterday after all so that is still set for next Wednesday.

Poor guy. He was super bummed today and hey, for that matter, so was I. Not the news we were expecting!

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Indigo Blue said...

Ouch, that bruise looks very sore! On a happier note I have sent your purse off in the post today.I have been waiting for two winners to get in touchand they have not so I may get the random picker to choose two more! Lovely blog. Will call back again.
Best wishes