Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tim's Birthday!

Tim had a birthday! Back in February when we went to the Melting Pot for Valentine's Day, Tim said he would like to go here for his birthday in July because he was enjoying it some much! We hadn't been in awhile and it was superb! So, July 16th came along and we had our evening planned. Garden Kitty was a bit confused because the presents were piled up on the front parlor table and she thought we were going to have a party that night. She didn't seem to understand that we were going to wait until Saturday!

The Melting Pot was fabulous and they had balloons and a card on the table for Tim! We thoroughly enjoyed our relaxing two hour meal there! Then on to Half Price books for perusing and dessert at Cold Stone Creamery although we were awfully full already!

Saturday, I brought home fresh grilled Angus burgers from the local Farmer's Market which has become a Saturday tradition this summer! Mom came over and had lunch with us and then Tim opened his presents and managed to blow out all of the candles on his cake again this year!

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