Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lawrenceburg Flea Market

For the first time in 25 years, the Lawrenceburg Flea Market had a special Saturday show in honor of their anniversary and the Fourth of July weekend! So, mom and I decided to go and combine it with a visit to my aunt and uncle's house the night before. Tim was back in his hometown for the week so it was just us girls!

We got up early Saturday morning and drove up from Hanover, IN which helped shorten the long drive. We arrived about 9am only to discover that the parking lot was quite empty! We soon found out that the show didn't start until NOON! The flyer that had hung on my refrigerator for months said 7-3 with early birds at 6. This is always the time frame for their Sunday shows. Well, apparently there was a little tiny asterisk next to the July 3rd date that said to see website for details. Um, if the times and dates are already on the flyer and I know how to get there, why would I go to the website?

And we weren't the only ones. Car after car after car arrived expecting the show to already be in full swing! Mom parked the car in the first spot in the first row and said she wasn't leaving! So began the 3 hour wait! We chatted with others who were waiting it out and read books and magazines. All in all, it went pretty fast and they ended up letting us in by 11:15. That was when we found out it was $10 per person instead of the normal $3 per person! This was to benefit Habitat for Humanity, which is a fine organization, but again we had no idea to expect such a high entry fee!

We were already there and had waited so long so we paid it and went on in. It was still a great show even though not everyone was set up entirely or even there! We just about closed it down and then headed back home via a quick stop at my aunt and uncle's again for baked ham sandwiches!

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Lucy said...

Oh my goodness that big cupboard type thing with all the little drawers actually took my breath away! I want that so bad it hurts!

Looks like you had a lovely day :)