Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mom's Birthday!

Once again, I'm behind on the blogging!

Mom's birthday was June 26th and we kept things fairly simple this year. I went over to her house in the afternoon and she opened her presents and got her little tub o' birthday cake. Since we were going out for dinner and I knew she was going to order creme brulee I figured she didn't need a whole cake! I think she definitely liked all of her presents!

We spent a little time decorating around her house and then got all gussied up for our dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.

Apparently, the management got wind of my previous blog post about our first time experience at Ruth's Chris and called me offering a $100 gift card so they could try again. I had tucked it away in a drawer and since mom mostly liked her dinner there on my birthday, I offered to take her there for her's with the gift card. Tim opted not to go since he was buried under video work at home.

So, like I said we got all gussied up and went back to give it another try. I stayed clear of the steaks this go 'round which was probably a very wise decision. Once again, the salad was divine especially the homemade ranch dressing! The bread, again, delightful! The service fabulous! We requested David again and I'm sure he was thrilled to see us! He was great though! They were super busy since it was a Saturday night but the staff was still attentive.

Mom ordered lobster tail and thoroughly enjoyed it. I ordered the stuffed chicken breast unstuffed. I was going to try the herbed cheese but then found out it had two herbs I don't care for so I asked for just melted cheese on top. And, we ordered scalloped potatoes. Mom also got the stewed tomatoes again.

I really enjoyed the chicken this time once I got over the initial shock of the legs sticking up in the air! We finally determined that they were actually wings but regardless they looked like legs to me and I prefer my meat and poultry not to look too much like the poor original creature! The staff took care of it immediately and removed the unsightly "wings/legs". Then all was good and it was very tasty!

I have to confess I didn't care for the scalloped potatoes either. I guess I just need to stay away from potatoes there! Mom liked them however. She ordered her creme brulee for dessert and by the time it was all said and done we were both stuffed!

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