Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yet Another Highway Yard Sale

Rain was in the forecast for last Friday so we canceled our plans to drive some of the Hwy 50 yard sale. Saturday the sun was shining so mom and I decided to hit the road after all. Tim was left behind as he needed to work on his upcoming Kiwanis presentation!

We drove up I-65 to Seymour, attempted to get some breakfast at McDonald's (too crowded) and then picked up Hwy 50! Saw sales immediately although crossing the highway was always a bit scary! We made our way down the road ending up a few miles outside of North Vernon later in the day. As expected, most of the set ups were in people's front yards and not a lot of antiques or collectibles. I found some goodies anyway, and sniffed out an antique store and resale shop in N. Vernon that had some great finds for my etsy shop! Mom was thrilled with the mound of cookbooks she discovered at one set up. The guy gave her a super great deal so she came away with two box loads!

We hit a couple of Goodwills on the way back finding a few more goodies to add to the mix! All in all, a good day, not too much driving and a nice break from the norm!

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