Friday, May 21, 2010

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

On my actual birthday, we went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. We had never been but had heard great things about it. Well, the ambiance was fabulous. The service superb. The bread hot, crusty and delectable. The salad and homemade ranch dressing delicious! The steak....sucked. It had gobs of fat around the edges and I didn't care for the flavor. It was served on a very hot plate and the steak was sitting in gobs of greasy butter. The shoestring fries were not hot and overcooked although I think the cooking style was probably intentional. Oh and they were way too peppery. So we sent the first order back and tried again without the spices. They were still on the lukewarm side and just as overcooked. Mom enjoyed the stewed tomatoes. Everyone else seemed to like their steaks though.

But quite honestly just give me the 6oz sirloin complete with unlimited hot yeast rolls, salad and baked potato at Texas Roadhouse for $9.99 and I'm a happy camper!

Tim enjoyed my free piece of cake and fruit cup. He discovered "blue raspberries" which we had a good laugh about! (It was actually a blackberry!) I didn't care for the cake either, it was stone cold and heavy on spice.

I went to W.W. Cousins after we left and ordered my favorite chocolate chip cookies!

Win some, lose some!

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