Sunday, May 2, 2010

Estate Sale

A couple of Fridays ago mom and I got up early and headed over to Louisville to this estate sale. They had already given out 30 numbers by the time we arrived! It was pouring down rain but fortunately there was a heavy tarp that was covering the front porch and driveway area so we were able to stand outside and not get too wet! Masses of humanity and dealers arrived and everyone was really crammed under there along with all of the overflow that was displayed out there.

Everyone squeezed their way in and quickly filled up the packed and jammed house. I found about 2 boxes and 2 bags of goodies for my etsy shop. I really had to dig though and sure could have used a flashlight! The house was described as a hoarder's house and I sure believe it!

After the sale, mom and I hit a few thrift stores and collectible stores and scored some more goodies. Course that's the fun part! Sorting through it, cleaning it up and putting it away is the not so fun part!

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