Sunday, April 4, 2010

Please, My Basement is Not a Reptile Refuge

Let's get this post over with and move onto better things.

Yesterday, I spent some time down in the basement working on my reorganization of Etsy back stock. The books are just about tackled, the holiday is better and I can finally see more of the floor at the bottom of the steps! I decided to put away a few gifts for Tim and Mom that were accumulating around so I started moving the three stacked storage containers under the steps.

That is when I made the horrible discovery of yet another SNAKE! Yuk! I immediately went running upstairs screaming for Tim, grabbed the camera and sent my husband down to deal with it! I handed him the camera this time as I just simply didn't have the stomach to get so close this time.

Tim got the snake, cleaned off the storage container and used his trusty flashlight to look in all of the cracks and crevices nearby.

Okay, so the first one I figured was a fluke, this one has me concerned! I don't want to stumble upon any more reptiles in my basement thank you very much!

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