Friday, April 16, 2010

Hwy 55 Yard Sale

Yesterday, mom and I set out for the Second Annual Hwy 55 Yard Sale. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and temps to approach 85. We got up super early and actually got down there at a very decent time which made a huge difference! All in all it was still a very small multi-mile yard sale but it's such an easy day trip and we were quite happy with our finds!

Let's see, what all did we get? I scored a giant old jewelry box for mom to display costume jewelry in for ONE DOLLAR! What a steal! At the same sale I found a neato set of children's playing cards with cute animals! Mom found some almost new books, we got a stack of free magazines, more tie clasps for my uncle's growing collection, some cookbooks for mom to peruse through, an old Uncle Wiggly game for my game board collection that's yet to be unveiled, a handful of old children's books, two fabulous boxes of vintage Christmas ornaments, a Coca Cola Santa ornament for my Coke tree, some old game pieces and more!

We had breakfast at the Finchville auditorium again. Drove all the way to Bloomfield which was disappointing. The producer of the CSI shows and his wife have bought a great deal of land and property in that town and she owns an antique shop there. It was high end and not our cup of tea. Not many set ups down that far at all although the sale advertises that it goes all the way to Adair Co.

We stopped in Taylorsville, KY at a couple of antique shops and I found some great old children's decals at one mall that I picked up for my etsy shop! And what would a jaunt like this be without a set of encyclopedias? Scored them at that antique shop! $5 for a beautiful set of old Compton's. Chop, chop, chop....

Back in Shelbyville, we hit The Ruby Rooster antique mall formerly known as the Main St. Antique Mall. It's one of our favorites. The owners are lovely and we always find a few goodies there. This time, I found two old aqua refrigerator drawers (I've developed a fondness for these things!), a great roll of vintage kitchen wallpaper (FINALLY!), a couple of old school readers, Scotty dog playing cards...mostly all for my etsy shop! I'm sure there's more but it's hard to remember already!

Oh, another great set of The Book of Knowledge found its way into my car too while in Shelbyville...

We ended the day at the Claudia Sanders Restaurant and had a scrumptious dinner!

Pictures of the loot laid out to come soon!

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