Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Indy Antique Advertising Show

I know, I know I'm so behind on blog updating. Unfortunately, it's had to take a back burner to other things such as life in general and completely revamping my etsy storage areas! Due to a collapsed shelving unit that was carrying too many heavy books, I decided to obtain better, stronger shelving (which my hubby was kind enough to put together for me!) and to take the opportunity to reorganize for the better! I threw away a ton of boxes and went through things that hadn't seen the light of day for months! It's all getting better now! Of course, it is soon to be Christmas decorating season at our house and also time to start listing Christmas items on etsy so I still probably won't be around here much!

Okay, so the last Saturday in September found Tim, Mom and I at the Indy Ad show. You would think getting up at 6:30 would put us there when the doors opened at 10 but we never can seem to get up there too early! I think it was almost 11:30 by the time we arrived! Anyway, the show seems to get smaller and smaller each time (it's twice a year) which is sad. We enjoy it so much. It was nice to chat with our dealer friends and look at all the beauties. We each found a thing or two to buy and then we ran over to the Stewart's flea market before it closed and I found some great things for my etsy shop!

It was a long day and we stopped at Shapiro's in downtown Indy for Mom and then on to the Southport Antique Mall where we got to spend about an hour before they closed. By then it was 8pm and we went over to Cheeseburger in Paradise (gift card was safely tucked away in a drawer at home, sigh...) where Tim and I ate. We got into a bad rainstorm coming home and even Tim was stressed about it for about 45 minutes when he could see nothing in front of him! Fortunately, we made it home safely!

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LillySue said...

I would be in Heaven looking at all the old treasures there. I love advertising stuff!
Can't wait to see your Christmas goodies!