Friday, October 30, 2009

All Set For Gym Class

Some days just do not turn out as planned! I slept in a bit this morning and made it downstairs a little before 9 am. Checked emails, talked to Tim and started to watch Regis and Kelly's Halloween show. I was planning on a day of marathon etsy listing. The phone rang and on the other end was a local ebayer whose husband had stopped at local moving sale on his way to work. She said they had some buttons and thought of me.

I pulled up my hair, threw on some clothes and didn't even take the time to apply the normally required makeup. I zoomed down the road and was there within 15 minutes.

Two hours later I had a car full of almost 100 old gym locker baskets from New Albany High School as well as old metal milk crates. A few other goodies including one big shoe box of buttons were amongst the galvanized treasures.

They were a great deal and I worked hard for this find let me tell you! I pulled, tugged, sorted, dug, lifted, lugged, carried and couldn't see out of my back window at all! When I got home, I lugged 80 some baskets plus 12 milk crates to the basement. A few remained in my car for a friend who placed an order.

I was tired, dirty, sore, I broke one fingernail and squished each of my pinky fingers in the process! One pinky even has a nice little bruise on it.

Fortunately, it was unseasonable warm the 70s. So, I had great weather for this unexpected expedition and the loading and unloading that followed!

I may keep a few of these but over time I plan to put them in my etsy shop!

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