Sunday, July 12, 2009

Instead of Dusting and Cleaning

Next Wednesday I have approximately 47 people coming to our home to see our collections. I started preparing for this a few weeks ago but unfortunately, much of the dusting and cleaning has to be done closer to the time. In an old house, it just comes back!

So in order to avoid this as much as possible, I have been out and about finding some great stuff for my etsy shop! For example, yesterday I awoke at 7am and decided if we threw on some clothes, makeup and pulled hair up in a clip, mom and I could make it to the estate sale across town that started at 8am. We got there right after it opened and the first ONE HUNDRED people had gone in! There were so many people, a long checkout line and some good stuff to be had! I totally forgot to take a picture at the sale even though I had my camera! Note: I did get a picture of a sunflower since I like them!

After leaving there an hour and a half later, we hit another estate sale that started the day before. So, while there wasn't much good stuff left, they were willing to deal and I got a whole box of stuff for $4. Important stuff, like ziploc bags, craft supplies, etc! The neighborhood this house was in happened to be having a neighborhood wide yard sale so we hit quite a few of them!

I got a picture of a guy buying the world's ugliest lamp which is sure to be a winner at Lynn's Ugly Lamp Contest at the KY State Fair in August! I mentioned that to him and he said that's exactly what he was buying it for! For $5 (a savings of $15 off the originally marked price), he walked away a happy camper with one ugly lamp in hand!

Then mom and I had a delicious lunch at The Cheddar Box in St. Matthews and stopped by A Reader's Corner bookstore where they were having an outdoor yard sale (by the time we arrived it was $5 a bag, I walked away with one overstuffed bag and two that didn't fit but he let me have anyway- no one except me wants old medical books anyway!). Inside, all books were 35% off and mom found some cookbooks.

So, we finally arrived home at 5pm with a car load and a mess in my foyer! Most of it's been put away and now it's definitely back to dusting and cleaning.

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