Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Antique Advertising Association of America House Tour

After weeks of preparation, the big day finally came! (I'm a little behind on my blogging btw!) So, last Wednesday we opened our home and collections to members of the AAAA who were in Louisville for their annual convention! We went to it 2 years ago and we know many of the dealers from the Indy Ad Show that we go to twice a year.

We had three time slots that the people could come starting at 3pm, then 4pm and 5pm. My friend Janie offered to come help us and she was wonderful! Mom did the catering (ha ha, revisiting her catering career from years ago) and everyone loved her food! Tim and I visited with all the people and everything went smoothly! We had some rain early that morning but it had passed through by the time the tours started.

We were all so tired when it was over though! Of course, the last people left around 6 or so but then we had the clean up and the putting things back together, pulling things back out of closets, turning lights off, etc so it was 7:30 before most of that was done and we could sit down, relax and eat!

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