Monday, June 22, 2009

Friday Finds

Friday morning I ventured out to a yard sale nearby that sounded pretty good. Antiques, collectibles, wasn't bad but the lady must have once been a dealer as she had some good old stuff but her prices were way too high! I did pick up an old Clue game, children's tracing set and a set of paper dolls that didn't match the folder they came in! I paid way too much but I just couldn't seem to put them down! I wanted a 1930s boxing magazine/booklet with great ads and illustrations and a girl scout book but they were just too overpriced! I stopped by another sale and picked up the embroidery book.

Next stop, a favorite thrift store in town where I stumbled upon what I thought was an old Yahtzee game. Imagine my surprise when I opened up the crumpled paper bag inside and discovered a great set of old scrabble tiles! Woo hoo! At the same place I happened to peer into a box in a corner and discovered a huge lot of vintage wrapping paper! Mainly Christmas but a few bridal and general thrown in the mix! I'm keeping a lot of it but some may wind up in my etsy shop eventually!

During the Thickers hunting expedition, I managed to hit one more favorite shopping venue and found 4 boxes of scrabble jr! YAY!

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