Monday, June 15, 2009

Estate Sale Sunday!

The estate sales around here are only okay. When I lived in Akron, OH, they were all great. I was sure to find plenty of vintage Christmas stashed in an attic or any number of other collectibles just waiting for me to scoop them up! It was always a treasure trove. I've only recently started going to the ones in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area and while I have gotten some good things, it's few and far between!

So, I had seen an ad for one this past Sunday at noon. Mom had other plans but when they got changed she decided to come along with me. We arrived at 11:35 and went to line up on the driveway. Two other people jumped out of their cars and lined up with us. Apparently, the estate sale conductees were ready so about two minutes later they let us in. Now, it was good for us...very good. But I felt sorry for the people who arrived promptly at noon since they advertised NO EARLY SALES in the paper as well as on their big sign in the yard! One guy was pretty upset and I would have been too because by noon we had a huge pile accumulated by the cashier and it was the best of the best!

I found all sorts of treasures! Pristine cookbook pamphlets, cookbooks, other promotional booklets from the 1930s (the lady had been a teacher!), fortune telling cards, a great old ledger/accounting book, a 1970s Sears catalog, children's books, wonderful old Dennison seals including Halloween and red outlined gummed labels, vintage office supplies, vintage doilies, linens and tablecloths, 2 coverlets from the 1950s or earlier, ivory? dominoes, a box full of old merchandise tags, 2 vintage refrigerator drawers, a box of unused dresser hardware and a great old hall tree/coat rack which I needed to replace our broken one to name a few of my finds! The coat rack was a true bargain at $5 and just needs to be cleaned up! The family who was running the sale was super helpful and carried our loot to the car which was very appreciated.

Spent hours last night sorting through everything and discovering some things I didn't even know I had in the mix! What fun! (Click on the pictures to enlarge them for detail!)


laurie magpie ethel said...

Wow that was an amazing sale. In a way I am glad you don't live in my neighborhood since you would always be scooping up the things I wanted. Amazing quanity of stuff and great you got in early (always a plus)

obsessed scrapbooker said...

Yeah, it could get ugly if we lived close! ;]