Sunday, May 10, 2009

Neighborhood Yard Sales

Yesterday was the semi annual neighborhood yard sale in my mom's subdivision Cobbler's Crossing as well as two other subdivisions right nearby. After an initial threat of some morning showers which never happened, the day ended up being perfect for yard sales! It was mayhem out there though! So many cars parked on both sides of the street, people walking everywhere and cards trying to maneuver through the narrow passages!

I stopped at an estate sale on the way (had to wait a half an hour as I forgot it started at 9am) which was fairly decent. Got two boxes of vintage shiny brite ornaments, a Marx building, a small rolling pin for a kitchen collage mom and I are going to make, two neat old picture frames, two vintage post cards, a very old battery operated Santa, a wooden plant stand, a porcelain shoe, a cute little girl planter, a can of Raid (for 25 cents- mom needed some!), a heavy duty scotch tape dispenser (also for mom and about 25 cents!) and some Christmas gift bags for 10 cents each!

Then I headed to Cobbler's and chatted a few minutes with mom and my aunt and uncle who were set up in the garage. They were busy and had sold a lot of things on Friday already! I hit quite a few sales and found some goodies. I'll take pictures later!

And who knew there were llamas? so close by?

Spent about 2 1/2 hours roaming the streets and then headed back home!

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