Monday, May 4, 2009

History in the Making

Tim hangs onto things. It's a known fact. Over the last 10 years, I've managed to nudge him slightly to get rid of things that were just sitting around, not being used or past their usefulness.

Well, the Honda was one of those things. Tim purchased it brand new off the lot 27 years ago. And, you just can't kill a Honda. It wasn't too bad when I first met him, ten years ago, but over the last few years it has gotten progressively worse. It finally got parked sometime last year and was supposed to go away by last October. (Today is May 4, 2009). That obviously didn't happen. So, it sat out in the "back 40" by the garage rusting away even more. I just tried not to look at it and the other 5 cars parked in the driveway mostly blocked my view.

Thanks to a neighbor looking for a kitty and coming into our driveway one day last week, it ultimately sold to someone visiting her. Tim probably got $100 more than if he had sold it for scrap and we were unsure as to whether they would come get it or not.

I believe I only rode in it one time...early on in our relationship when we went to the State Fair for the first time. Tim had me convinced that you didn't dare take a good car and park it there. (I've never had a problem since though...)

I have to was just slightly sad to see it go.

But I will be over that feeling by tomorrow. Or in the next hour!

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