Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kentucky State Fair

The fair is in town and we spent almost the whole day there Friday. The weather was picture perfect, in the 80s and no humidity! And it's August! We were inside a good part of the time, however, enjoying the many exhibits and farm animals. Met my mom and aunt there in the morning to check out our entries and see if we'd won anything! We did! The next post will have those pictures!

Okay, I want my old gallbladder back (the one that worked for 36 years...not the one that was disfunctional for 8 plus months). I have had two awful days with majorly upset stomachs and yesterday's fair food was just as bad. And I always look forward to my cheesesteak and graters taters! We went prepared with a bottle of Pepto and I downed it a couple of times and was still miserable but it took the severe pain away! Ugh.

Anyway, loved the photography section as usual and enjoyed the antiques, quilts, christmas trees and culinary sections. Got to experience my first rooster crowing contest although plenty of them were practicing ahead of time. We would have stayed longer as we never even made it to the thrillway for me to beat Tim at the water gun game like I always do but we were so tired and I was still feeling queasy. All in all, it was a great fair!

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