Tuesday, October 9, 2007

We Take Too Many Pictures

There is something wrong with spending 3 hours at Walgreens, knowing your photo developer so well that you chat about her kids, grandkids, your trips, living in Vegas, etc the whole time and coming home with 1100 pictures in 6 boxes plus the little stack of 5 x7's.


What are we going to do with THAT many pictures? Even I, the obsessed scrapbooker, am a little overwhelmed. Especially since I still have most of the 600 pic from last year's trip to Tucson and the 400 pic from the year before's trip to Vegas sitting in boxes.

Well, I tell ya what you do with that many pictures. You go to Target and find the biggest photo sleeve album you can (holds 504 per album!) and buy 4 of them. This way not only can you display this 1100 mound but also the others mentioned above.

And then you recruit your mother, who actually volunteered, to spend four hours today putting them in for you. (And she's only halfway through them)

So, readers, it's time to share some more with you after all that. (Yeah, there's one duplicate and I can't figure out how to remove just one pic!)

1 comment:

New Alb Annie said...

Thank heavens for moms, and for friendly Walgreens employees.