Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Harvest Homecoming

Our town festival, Harvest Homecoming, was a couple of weekends ago. Booth days started Thursday October 7th and ended that Sunday. The weather was beautiful all four days this year! It was near 90 degrees a couple of days, almost TOO hot for a fall festival!

I had a yummy chicken and dumpling Thursday afternoon since they set up literally out the door of my workplace! Then Tim met me down there that night and we had supper and walked around. Lunch Friday, back for supper Friday night and visiting with friends, lunch Saturday and back Saturday night before I worked at the Admiral Bicknell! We had our pictures taken with a 9 week old baby tiger Friday who was so adorable! He and his sister had their very own stuffed tigers to play with!

Tim went down one last time Sunday but I opted out. We had our favorite fresh Angus burgers a couple of times, and I hate to admit it but I also favored the Papa John's pizza slices while Tim ate his usual cardboard pizza from the carnival area! We discovered homemade vanilla ice cream made by the Amish this year and it was great! I ate way too many buckeyes from my favorite baked goods booth, as well as sour cream pound cake slices! One last chicken and dumpling came home with Tim that Sunday night and then it was all over for another year.

Now, can we say D-I-E-T?

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