Thursday, June 10, 2010

Book Sale- HOT HOT HOT

I wasn't going to go. I said I would never go again. A few years ago I went to the Louisville Public Library sale and it was so awful I swore it off.

And then I went again last Sunday.

I was prepared for the unsorted mess that would greet me because that's how it was advertised.

What I wasn't prepared for was the quantity still remaining and the HEAT. Many of the books were still in boxes! It was at least 100 degrees in the high school gym that was the site for this year's book sale. I was drenched in sweat, my hair was wet, I could hardly breath! There were at least "200" other people in there along with me according to the woman I complained to!

I'm not sure that my $10 box of books and two hours worth of time was worth it but, well, maybe it was.

I crammed and crammed and packed and repacked to get all 56 books in that cardboard box! I was pretty determined not to use two boxes! I was doing great until I discovered the encyclopedias from 1906 and we are all aware of my encyclopedia weakness.

And then as I write this post and upload pictures I am once again stumped at which picture of the box of books to use. Do you see the problem? They are both good pictures! So, I decided to use both, one close up and one not so close up.

I learned my expert packing skills from my dad and in the book dept, from fellow book buyers!

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