Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Diann's Book Release Day!

Once upon a time there were two young girls who lived in the very same neighborhood but never got to know each other until they met in 9th grade at Ferguson High School in Newport News, VA. They became fast friends and spent many an hour together. One of their favorite after school activities was to watch a "new" soap opera called Santa Barbara. The girls would watch the dramas of the Capwell and Lockridge families unfold daily and then get busy and do their homework.

Time flew by as they shared the ups and downs of adolescence together....boyfriends, dances, first cars, car accidents, trips to Nags Head, Mr. Hespenhide's 50 prepositions and finally graduation. Soon it was time to go off to college and start a new chapter in their lives.

Each girl went their separate way and they didn't talk as often or see each other as much but they always remained in touch and could pick up the phone and chat almost as if no time had even passed.

They would be in each others weddings, share sad times and happy times and move forward down the paths life took them.

And then one day one of them wrote a book. She called it The Outer Banks House. The author is Diann (Schnell) Ducharme and tonight after work I raced to Borders in downtown Louisville and proudly bought my very own copy! Always the sentimental one and scrapbooker, I toted along my camera and asked a couple of people if they would mind taking my picture with the book that my best friend from high school wrote. They happily obliged.

I am proud of Diann. She always excelled in English and creative writing. From the glimpses I caught of the novel, she's written a fine piece. She's headed down a new road and I hope it's one that brings her deserved success and joy. I had tears in my eyes as I read her dedication and acknowledgments. I guess I'm just a sap. But honestly, if anyone in the world deserves to have this moment in time it's my best friend from high school...Diann Ducharme.

Please visit her website at http://diannducharme.com/.

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