Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm back! Wow, can't believe it's been two weeks! I've been SO busy! I've been listing like crazy on etsy and trying to get our Christmas presents worked in! Slowly but surely....

My buddy Barry at the post office convinced me to stop by his auction preview Fri night and check out the goods. I was pleasantly surprised to find two tables and boxes and boxes of old games mainly from the late 60s early 70s! I immediately called Tim who ran over as it was just a couple of blocks from our house!

So, Saturday morning found us at the auction. I literally had not been to one in probably 10 years. They just aren't usually my cup of tea. Tim bid on a couple of old movie cameras but didn't get them for the price he was willing to pay. He headed back home and I stayed behind. Mom ended up meeting me over there later and we just killed the day there. I have to confess it was pretty fun. My best score was a Which Witch game, complete and in fabulous condition!, that I had been eyeing for Tim. I passed one up recently at the Stewart's Flea Market as it was just too pricey! Score! This one was a steal! I also got a Smokey the Bear game, for the board, a neat game called Let's Drive (I liked the graphics!), and then some goodies for my etsy shop!

Mom was thrilled with her two new vintage dress forms and very old clothing display rack from Stewart's Dept. store on old Fourth Street!

The day before, I made a quick trip to a local antique mall to drop off Tim's dvd's that they sell and found some fab children's books which are also pictured! Oh, and another stop at a little shop that sometimes has treasures and found all the old carded buttons!

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