Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This Could Be Our Ice Cream Parlor

Oh wait, it will be sort of!

Tomorrow, the old Emery's Ice Cream Parlor will be removed from its original location on Beharrel Ave. in New Albany and placed on our back lot for up to 2 years. We have given them a temporary location to house this historical building until a permanent location can be obtained. During this time, they will work on the restoration of it.

So, if you are local, come watch the show tomorrow!

Note: Here's the link to the article that appeared in the CJ.


Ann Streckfus said...

What time? I may try to come see it.

Kim G. said...

that is wonderful!!

obsessed scrapbooker said...

At 7am they plan to start getting it off the current lot, that should take about 1/2 hr to get it to the street. Then they plan on 40 minutes to get it to our lot. If they don't run into any hitches! Come on down!