Thursday, September 24, 2009

The California Slide Show

Finally! This only took days to create! Anyway, hope you enjoy a peek into our week in Southern California! Tim always wanted to go to DisneyLAND so off we went for this year's anniversary trip! (#8!!)

We enjoyed staying across the street from Disneyland, the California Adventure Park and Downtown Disney in Anaheim, spending a day in the historic district of Orange (antiquing galore and lunch at an old drugstore soda fountain!), taking a day trip to Universal Studios and going on the most awesome VIP Experience Tour (I highly recommend this, it's worth every cent!), meeting our friends Chrys and Bill in person (finally!) and spending time with them the last two days of our trip (including a trip to Scrapbook Oasis where I got to meet Nora Griffin (scrapbook guru), a great lunch at a Mexican restaurant, more toy shopping, a great dinner at P.F. Changs and a loong day trip to Hollywood and LA where we went on a 6 1/2 hour plus tour of the beaches, the movie star homes and downtown LA!)

We ran day and night as usual, had a bad case of jet lag (especially the first night when we flew all day (a quick layover in Vegas, sniff...) and then went to Disney upon our arrival and stayed for the fireworks at 9:25 pm (12:25 AM our time!), hitting the pillow finally at 2 am, picked up a few treasures for our collections back home as well as the usual souvenirs, took over 1400 pictures, saw no movie stars, did see the closed set of Desperate Housewives, Jaws, Cabot Cove, the Psycho house and Bates motel and the prop warehouse (SUPER FUN!) at Universal, saw the rooftops, hedges and gates of movie star homes (okay, that was slightly disappointing!) and had just an overall blast!

Upon our arrival back in Southern Indiana it has literally rained almost every day and been overcast and humid! What a switch! However, you could not pay me to fight the traffic on those LA freeways!

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