Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saturday's Finds!

It's always frustrating when you drive miles and miles and miles to an estate sale and you have a bad feeling it's not going to be worth it! That's exactly what happened Saturday! Oh well, mom and I made the best of it. She bought a hand crocheted pot holder with a rose on it for 25 cents and asked some other customers if there were any other sales in the area (mind you, we were in the country at this point!). But, once we found civilization again we did hit two other yard sales. Nothing great but I'm now the owner of a box of Sears' 1970s Merry Mushroom or whatever kitchen accessories. Not sure if that was wise or not but I felt sorry for the mushroom emblazened cannister set, cookie jar, clock, s&p, sugar and creamer, clock, coffee mugs and chipped egg plate. I mean, who else was going to want them? I've seen them on etsy before... I also found a dymo label maker and label tapes at another sale. Just your regular colors and not too old of a label maker but what the heck!

Then on to two outdoor flea markets in the not so good end of town. Mom was rather appalled at first! But I assured her I always find good stuff at them! And, I did once again! My best score was digging through two huge dish barrel size boxes and finding lots of sewing items, wooden thread spools, buttons, embroidery floss, trims and lace, vintage Christmas ornaments, a vintage Brach's candy box, a Tiny Tim blow mold, a box of vintage Christmas cards, two old valentines, a piece of Victorian scrap, 3 yearbooks from the 1970s, a photo of a little boy on Santa's lap at Santa Claus Land and some other fun ephemera! Scored another old ledger book too!

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