Monday, May 23, 2011

When Will This Stop?

We had another round of spring thunderstorms tonight. I had just called my mom to let her know that we were under a thunderstorm warning. About 15 min later, she called me and was crying. Said that something horrible had come through there, a tornado or something like it. She had water leaking in her kitchen and a tree was down in the backyard. A tree in the front yard lost a limb. It was pouring down rain and lightning still but as soon as it let up I hightailed it over there. Meanwhile, she had been trying to reach the roofer she'd used in the past as well as any and all in the phone book.

As I turned into her neighborhood, I could see tree damage and lots of damaged roofs. One house behind hers and to the right had so much roof gone in the front it looked as if the house was just being built and framed in that section! I could see the back of my mom's roof as I was driving and there were two areas where the shingles and paper were missing and the wood was completely exposed. Once I got to her house and looked around I could tell many shingles had come off all over the roof. Most were still in her yard, the driveway, the street and her neighbors' yards!

There was a bad leak in the living room where the water was coming through the ceiling light fixture. Streaking was occurring in there at the tape lines. Water was also streaking a good part of the kitchen ceiling.

Fortunately, the roofer finally arrived and they did an emergency tarping.

Her neighbor next door had a tree down against the house. See the last picture I uploaded.

It it wasn't a tornado it was certainly close to it.

Mom's okay but quite shaken up, as was I. If we don't catch a break soon, I'm moving to another planet!

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