Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stormy Weather

We had a bad storm last night! It came from Missouri/Illinois and headed our way in the very late evening. I figured there wasn't much point in going to bed as it was expected to hit our area right about the time I'd be hitting the sack.

Sure enough, they posted a tornado warning around 11 or 11:30 and at midnight I woke Tim up and he and I and the cats in their carriers headed to the basement. We stayed until the warning expired at 1 am. It never got that bad or so we thought. It rained, the winds howled and there was lots of lightning. The power went out right off the bat with the first winds. It stayed off until about 5am.

Tim went back to bed for awhile and I never could get to sleep. The rain was so loud and the lightning continued for hours. I watched reports of damage in New Albany on our little tv until the battery was almost gone. New Albany was one of the worst areas hit! Jeffersonville also sustained damage at a trailer park and a church.

I finally got to sleep around 4:15 am only to wake up about a half an hour later because the bedroom had gotten so cold! I sure was missing my heating pad! The power came on and I got on the laptop for awhile and then finally tried to sleep again when the rain moved out around 6:15 am! I slept for about 3 1/2 hours and then woke up.

Just blocks away there was a lot of damage from the storm! The car wash I go to had severe damage as well as the Honey Creme donut sign and a convenience store on Vincennes. There were several uprooted trees, many downed power lines, a gas leak in the wee hours over on Elm St. and lots of branches and limbs down. New Albany was pretty dark for several hours and some stop lights were still not working at 4:30 this afternoon!

Fortunately, all was well at our house other than a very tired lady of the house and a little stream of water in the basement that I also discovered around 5 am!

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